FWD Drag Series

FWD Drag Series Sponsors

Cars must run sponsors decals to be eligible for prizes.


Stand 21

Company: Stand 21
Website: www.stand21.com

Prize: Stand 21 will be supplying a custom made bespoke pair of race boots for the Season Champion. You design them, they make them.

Requirements: Cars must display Stand 21 decals to be eligible.

Who They Are: Stand 21, established in 1970 is ┬áthe world leader in head to toe, made-to-measure racing gear. Stand 21 products are hand crafted within Stand 21’s own factories, exceeding the most rigorous safety and medical standards required by the FIA, SFI, the Snell foundation etc. Stand 21 supplies safety equipment to top racing teams in FIA, NHRA, NASCAR, Off Road, and holds the exclusive license for racing drivers’ equipment with Porsche Motorsport and Corvette Racing worldwide.

Racing car drivers are wearing today, shoes that have been since 1974, the product of Stand 21's unique and specific knowledge in racing-shoe manufacturing. This knowledge combined with the highly developed technological skills and qualifications of Stand 21’s associates in its factory in India positions Stand 21 as a world leader in the field of personalized racing boots manufacturing.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

If you would like information about sponsoring the FWD Drag Series, please contact the office on 01234 782828 or complete the Contact Form.