FWD Drag Series

Rules & How To Enter

How do I enter the FWD Drag Series as a racer?

The FWD Drag Series is a fully recognised MSA Drag Racing sportsman class. As such, anyone can enter using the process below:

  1. Eligibility - Check your car meets the requirements of the class in the rulebook:
    And general safety regulations:
    There are some useful contacts in this document including chassis builders and tech crews who can bring your car up to specific drag racing specification and check your car over for you. You will also need helmet, boots and firesuit, the specs of which are listed in the rulebook.

  2. Club Membership - Join a recognised, established drag racing club, such the Santa Pod Racers Club www.eurodragster.com/sprc/ there is also a full list of alternative international clubs on this page: www.eurodragster.com/links/clubs.asp.

  3. Race Licence - Apply for a race licence from the Motorsports Association. MSA minimum Licence requirement: Non-Race National B, Cost: £45 www.msauk.org/Competitors/Competition-Licences. 

  4. Chassis Teching - If your race car is intended to run quicker than 9.99 seconds on the quarter mile, then it will have to be chassis “teched”. All of the details of how your car should be constructed are within your current rulebook. However, if there are some points you are unsure about either call the SPRC office or one of our recommended chassis/race car builders (see Links page). Once you are sure your vehicle is OK then you can either call one of the technical crew (Geoff Martin, tel no: 01608 674121 or Mark Norton, tel no: 01865 400812, mobile 07881 456314) or come along to a tech day, which are normally held at either Santa Pod Raceway or Shakespeare County Raceway. Once your car has been teched, you will receive a chassis sticker and this will cost you £45 - this is paid only when your car has passed the technical inspection. Don't worry if your car doesn't pass, because the tech people will be able to advise you of any changes that maybe required, and, in most cases, these will be minor.

  5. Event Entry - Entry is done through the Santa Pod Racer’s Club once all of the above has been satisfied. Drivers must enter each event before the event's official closing date. Four weekend admission tickets are included with each entry.

    Entry Fees for 2019 will be £65 for single day meetings and £110 for USC which is a two day meeting, Big Bang is a national championship meeting with electrical hook up provided and entry fees will be the same as other classes, SPRC will set and announce this cost soon. The entry deadlines will be three weeks before each event.

    If you can not attend a race meeting you have entered then as long as you let the SPRC know at least 3 days before the start of the race meeting you can have your entry fee refunded or deferred to a later round.

    Download entry forms at www.eurodragster.com/sprc/entry.html. Your race number will be your SPRC membership number unless you finished in the top 10 in the championship the previous season.

  6. Prize Money & Trophies - Prize money TBC depending on sponsorship. There will be winner and runner up trophies at every round as well as Championship trophies at the end of the season.

  7. Sporting Regulations - FWD Drag Series Sporting Regulations 2019

Rulebook Updates

Rulebook - November 2018

Racers Details

If you are planning to compete in the FWD Drag Series please also send the following information to us for the Driver Profile pages via the contact form.